Welcome to the New TTARA Member Portal

Welcome to our new member portal! As part of our commitment to enhancing your experience and maintaining an accurate member database, we have upgraded our technology to better serve you. We hope you’ll find the new portal user-friendly and efficient, and we encourage you to complete your member profile.

In order to get the most out of your member experience, you will need to create a new login. Your previous username and password will not work on the new website. Please follow the steps below to get logged in. 

Key Features of the New Member Portal:

  1. Profile Updates: Keep your information current by updating your profile.
  2. Policy Area Selection: Choose your policy interests.
  3. Event Registration: Easily register for upcoming events.
  4. Event Attendance Tracking: Stay informed about events you’ve attended.
  5. Invoicing: View and pay invoices conveniently.

To create your new login, follow the instructions below.  

  • Follow this link.
  • Enter your email and follow the prompts.
    • If your email is associated with a member company and your profile, you’ll be prompted to set a new password.
    • If we don’t have your email on file, don’t worry; you can select your company and create a new account.

Once logged in, you’ll find your Member Compass—a central hub for managing your profile, event registrations, and invoices. Don’t forget to update your profile to make the most of this new platform!

Helpful Articles:

  1. Create Account: click on this link to access instructions for creating your account.
  2. Management Access: click on this link to access instructions for management access if you are the primary and/or billing contact for your organization. Management access allows an employee to:
    • Edit the company record
    • View/pay transactions and access historical transactions
    • Add or remove employees from company record

If your company is ready to become a member:

Welcome! We are thrilled to have you as a new member. To get started, follow the instructions below.

  • Click here and follow the instructions for your appropriate member type. This will prompt you to create your login and complete the membership application.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Catherine Lapoint at clapoint@ttara.org or (512) 472-8838.